Thursday, 25 June 2015


In room 15 we have been learning about graphs.First we had to write a statement then another group had to write a question then when the next group came along they had to answer the question this was one of the question and answer to it.    
How many people wanted Hawaiian then meat lovers?
The answer was 6.

By Tilda

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Party graphs

In room 15 we have been making graphs for our party planing. The graph we did was putting it into a line and seeing which was most the most poplar type of cake.
We made the graphs because it would make it a lot easier to see the most poplar and the lest poplar.    

Party planners

Where planing parties in  room 15.We had to answered 7 questions to plan our party. Here is a few photos
1) What is your Favorite pizza 
Hawaiian red cube 
Meat-lovers blue cubes
Egg and bacon yellow cube 
Dessert pizza green cube
BBQ sauce brown cube

2)whats your Favorited party games
 Lolly haunt red beans
pinata blue beans
Ruby yellow beans
pin the tail on the donkey green beans
pass the parcel purple beans

3) whats your favorite party drink!
Lemonade red ice block stick
Coke blue ice block stick
L&p yellow ice block stick
chocolate shake green ice block stick
Ginger beer purple ice block stick

4)what is your favorite type of lolly
Gummy Burgers Red cubes
fruit bursts Blue Cube
Lollipops yellow cube
thumb suckers green cubes
sherbert black cubes!

5)what kind of cake wold you like!
ice cream cake blue cube
sponge cake red cubes
cupcake yellow cubes
no cake green cubes

6)would you have a theme to your party!
Jungle themes blue
pirates themes red
princess or superheros themes yellow
no themes green.

7)What is your favourite party food!
sausage rolls
by Tia